Experience an innovative form of surface renovations for any season. Nonslip and heat resistant in the summer, to moving with the freeze and thaw effects from the Canadian winters.



Pool Decks and Patios


Ideal pool deck overlay material. Help stop slipping around the pool and add a unique aesthetic touch. Rubber drains leaving no puddles on the deck for for anyone to slip on. This is a mess free option compared to pouring new concrete to old decks. Rubber is wet poured to allow for levelling of uneven surfaces. 

Porches and Stairs

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Complimenting the exterior of houses in personalized colours with steps that have a bounce to them. Prefect for anyone who might have a concern with slipping on steps while adding value to the house.


 Driveways are becoming more popular in rubber because the rubber stretches and compresses with the freeze and thaw of the winters, adding life to your driveway. Also perfect for children playing and practicing sports on the driveway.